AWS Cloud Practitioner : Step by Step guide to Pass the Exam

cloud computing Jul 6, 2021

AWS Foundational The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) is a foundational examination by AWS for you who want to validate your cloud skill and understanding on concept of AWS Cloud. This certification is industry-recognized credentials and being recommended by AWS before taking AWS Associate or Specialty certification.
I am an AWS Cloud Practitioner certified since 2020 and here I am sharing my experience to help you pass the exam

Understand the Exam Structure

Delivery Method
You can take the exam from a testing center or from a home / office location as an online proctored exam. Make sure you read the exam rules
Question Format
There will be 65 questions,  either multiple choice or multiple response
You have 90 minutes to complete the exam
100 USD
Exam Language
AWS Cloud Practitioner is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Indonesian (Bahasa). This exam will soon be available in German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Schedule the Exam

You can book the schedule via . create your account, and go to "certification" menu. you will be redirected to exam page where you can book the schedule. You will start with which exam that you are going to take, and select exam delivery method (testing center or home), select one of the exam provider, set the date and pay.
You will receive confirmation email after that.


There are many options for AWS Cloud Practitioner training that you can take.
My recommendation is AWS Cloud Practitioner training by freecodecamp. It is a great course and it is free. you can access it from youtube or udemy.
There is also free training provided by AWS. you can find it in .
There are also paid course that you can buy. You can search course by stephen maarek, or tutorial dojo or tutorial dojo.
The length of the course varies from 4-6 hourse.

Read AWS Whitepapers and FAQ

after you finish the training, continue your learning by reading AWS whitepapers and FAQ.
for AWS Cloud Practitioner, you can focus on these whitepapers :
- Overview of Amazon Web Services
- How AWS Pricing Works
- Compare AWS Support Plans

Exam simulation and Exam Readiness Training

after you gained knowledge by completing the training and reading the whitepapers, it is time for you to test if you are ready for the exam or not.
You can find many options for exam simulation. I used whizlabs and I highly recommend it. You can buy the exam simulation from their website, don't forget to check the available discount / promo.
Exam simulation from Tutorial Dojo or Stephen Maarek  from udemy can be exam simulation alternative for you.
Whizlabs, TutorialDojo or Stephen Maarek have good set of questions to help you identify your knowledge gaps before taking the real exam.
Try completing all of their question bank and review what topics that you still need to improve.

You can also join FREE AWS Certification exam preparation webinars. This webinars will remind you on what will be the main topics for the exam and identifying specific areas to study.

Take the Exam

Join the exam as per your schedule . make sure you read and understand the exam rules days before.

Good Luck!


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AWS Whitepapers
Whizlabs Exam Simulation
FreeCodeCamp Cloud Practitioner Free course