Give up on Google Cloud Platform (for now)

cloud computing Mar 19, 2022

I had an idea to explore Google Cloud Platform and considered to move my website to this platform.
but when I tried to register, I couldn't complete my payment with error code OR-CBAT-15. My credit card was charged, but the payment was not processed.

I spent 1 hour to find what this OR-CBAT-15 error is about. There are many questions placed in forums, but there is no real solution for it. I tried to contact the support team, but there was no chat support available.
and then I sent an email to GCP support team and explained in detailed what I did and the error message that I got.

GCP support team replied one day later confirming that they can not activate my billing and they don't have an exact time-frame when I will be able to successfully create a billing account.
They suggested to create a new billing account but they couldn't guarantee that the billing account will be created and they said that I might still receive the same error message.
They also informed me that actually my card was not charge, it was just pending authorization to confirm if the card was working and it will be eventually returned to my card.

With no guarantee that I will not be able to use the service, I decide not to waste my time exploring this platform. I will revisit if they have permanent solution for OR-CBAT-15.