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Travel Jul 10, 2021

I have to explore ideas to keep my kindergarten daughter busy during lockdown. I try to balance offline and online activities for her. Offline activities are easy for me, I have prepared books, board games, card games for her and simple experiment for her.
I found great resources in internet for online activities for kindergarten students.
Keep reading if you are looking for the same

Virtual Tour

There are many options for virtual tour that kindergarten students might love, here are some of them

Virtual Tour to Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park is located in US, where you can enjoy the hydrothermal and geologic wonders.
You can visit Virtual Tours to enjoy the free virtual tour to Canary Spring , or virtual walk from Uncle Tom's parking area to the overlook of the Upper Falls, or walk to Dragon's Mouth Spring at Mud Volcano, or see the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River from Lookout Point.
The kids can also learn about Wildlife in the National Park.

Virtual Tour to Zoo
Some zoos provide virtual tour service for us. one of my favorites in San Diego Zoo in San Diego, United States.
You can visit the visit virtually the animals and learn about them. You can meet Ape, Baboon, Condor, Elephant, Giraffe, Koala, Panda, Pengiun, Tiger and Polar Bear.

Virtual Tour to Farms
Farm Food 360 will give you virtual tour experience on Canadian Farm and Food.
Visit the website to visit the farm : Beef, Chicken, Pig, Turkey, Dairy Cow, Sheep and Egg Farm.
You can also learn how the egg is processed in Egg Processing Facilities Tour.

Virtual Tour to The Louvre, Paris
even though you can not travel to Paris because of the travel retrisction, you can take your kids to visit Paris virtually and enjoy the amazing art from The Louvre .

Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China
Enjoy the view in Great Wall of China provided by The China Guide.
You can take the free virtual tour, or take the paid tour where you can enjoy more sceneries in higher resolutions

Virtual Tour to Mars!
want to see what the surface of Mars looks like? Thanks to Google and NASA, now we can visit Mars virtually to see the surface of mars in Virtual Reality WebVR Experiment recorded by NASA's curiosity rover.
Access Mars: A WebVR Experiment

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